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Post by Spwoerful on Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:19 pm

Can anyone tell me the exact benefit of Kaldness? ive been searching Youtube and watching videos with homemade filters with this kaldness media. All these people swear by it, and i was curious if its just for the sale factor of it, or is this some sort of new futuristic filtration that is amazing??

any thoughts?


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Kaldness Empty Re: Kaldness

Post by theswede on Thu Jun 16, 2011 6:30 am

Never seen those before. I guess it´s all about getting the maximum surface area for the bacteria to grow on. But that does´nt mean that we actually get more nitrification bateria in the filters. Just that there are more room for them to grow. Sometimes I wonder how we ever could keep our fish alive during the 70th and 80th when we did´nt have stuff like this Laughing . I remember 1980 when I bought a Eheim 2013 canister filter to my 66 gallon and everybody said it was overkill to have 103g/h to that tank Very Happy . Today that`s a yoke and we have between 4-12 times the tankvolyme in filterflowe in our riftlake setups. Sure our cichlids are probably more healthy today then 30 years ago, but we do buy a lot of stuff that we probably don´t need.

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Kaldness Empty Re: Kaldness

Post by Rift_Lakes_Rule on Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:29 pm

Good point Håkan, I've always believed that the size of the bacterial colony is relative to the bioload and in most cases we have way more than enough surface area for bacteria.

On the other hand, if a persons main focus was to filter many tanks as efficiently as possible (power consumption wise), using smaller filters with media that provides the most surface area might be the way to go. Like in a large breeding facility possibly, and that's where these products might make good sense. (I'd personally opt for an air driven filtration system with good old fashioned sponge filters for a large facility but that's just me)

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Kaldness Empty Re: Kaldness

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