food for carnovous?

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food for carnovous? Empty food for carnovous?

Post by Drake-tripod on Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:44 am

so i want to feed my fishys a good diet and NLS is the best pellete food but i want to get some freeze dreied cubes so i want brine for sure but what else? i have a oscar pike gt jack geo fusscos servum and jag i was thinking plankton and krill and the brine shrimp that sound good?

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food for carnovous? Empty Feeding your fish

Post by Jim on Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:57 pm

regardless of the species of fish you have, a varied diet is always best, carnivores eat other fish in nature that have just had their lunch of bugs and algae in a lot of cases, so the top of the food chain gets gourmet buffet in a smaller package.

I keep mostly North American Natives and tougher cichlids, so i feed a good quality pellet that has a high protein content, but lots of other good veggy base as well. Freeze dried foods are higher in protein, but also more expensive.

My fish all get a rotation of pellets, freeze dried, frozen krill, blood worms, and brine, mostly spirulina gut loaded brine. Occasional flake, just a good variety, and they always stay fat and happy, with good color. and never any disease. But remember food is just one thing they need, the best of food is worthless without constant tank maintenance, and proper filtration.

A happy tank makes a happy fish Smile


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