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  1. Micheal
    Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:19 pm
    Message by Micheal - lake malawi details
    Hey I was wondering if you would write up the article for lake malawi details.
    Its 360 miles long and varies between 20 and 45 miles wide. It has 56 collection points. Its bordered by 3 countries: Tanzania in the northeast, mozambique on the central eastern side, and remainder lies within the country of malawi. Total shoreline length of approximately 900 miles. Max depth of 2300 feet with oxygen penetrating to around 820 feet. Ph is moderately alkaline, ranging from 7.8 to 8.5. Carbonate hardness is around 200 to 250 ppm. The temperature of the lake is more or less uniform but does vary with the time of the year. During the dry season from june to August the surface temperatures are around 70. During the rainy season from November to April the surface temperatures are around 74 to 80. Visibility can be as high as 60 feet in some places, especially around rocky shorelines or islands.
    Lake malawi has more species of fish than any other lake on earth. It was formed when the earth's crust split, creating a long north to south tear in the earth's surface. Evidence of this can be seen in the northern 4/5's of the lake with the east and west shorelines having the same overall contours. The bottom 1/5 of the lake is wide, flat or gently sloping and is significantly shallower.

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