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Air System Upgrade Empty Air System Upgrade

Post by dragonkeeper on Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:07 pm

So for Christmas my family wanted a list of things that I wanted. On the list I had a new central air pump, couple of heaters, a few new sponges, and a couple of manifolds. I got eveything I listed and decided today was the day to upgrade the central air system in my fishroom.

Old air system used a Super Luft Pump and a DAPMH15 from JEHMCO (Thanks Kegger). New pump is a DAPPH30 from JEHMCO. Old air system was kind of a mess and completely unorganized. There were airlines and power cords all tangled up and it made for a troubleshooting nightmare! The other problem was I wanted to add in my 75gal tank, but the Super Luft Pump was out of outlets and I had maxed out the DAPMH15. Here is what I had to deal with:

Old Air System
Air System Upgrade OldAirSystem

Old Air System2
Air System Upgrade OldAirSystem2

As you can see this is a real mess! The new air pump is a DAPPH30 from JEHMCO:
Air System Upgrade NewPump

Decided to do things right and make a small ring out of the manifolds and here is the piece of plywood that I mounted the whole thing to:
Air System Upgrade MountingPlate

These are the the 6 valve manifolds that JEHMCO sells. I got 2 new one to add to the one that I already had. When you get multiple manifolds form JEHMCO they will make a basic ring or "Y" connector to fit the pump you are buying. I had to modify the "Y" connector into a ring system. No big deal just had to go to the hardware store and get a few parts.
Air System Upgrade MountingPlateandManifolds

Air Ring:
Air System Upgrade AirRing

Got it all put together and connected to the pump. I really like the organized look to it. This is all mounted inside the stand to my 75gal tank.
Air System Upgrade MountedManifolds

Added all the outlets and labeled them so they are easy to locate if needed. I also added in three outlets for my 75gal tank. This is a much neater and organized setup, Plus I have a few extra valves that I can connect some other airlines to if needed.
Air System Upgrade NewCompletedAirSystem

Power Savings
Old air pumps
DAPMH15 - uses 18watts, Super Luft Pump uses 35watts, 2 AC110's on the 75gal that are being replaced with sponges use 28watts together, for a total wattage of 81watts. The new DAPPH30 uses 40watts for a savings of 41watts, and $2.44. While not a huge savings it is savings and not adding to my costs which is good in my book.

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Air System Upgrade Empty Re: Air System Upgrade

Post by larry.beck on Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:42 am

I've got the same pump (DAPPH30) and it's been running great for about 6 months now. It drives my whole grow-out setup.

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Air System Upgrade Empty Re: Air System Upgrade

Post by Rift_Lakes_Rule on Mon Dec 27, 2010 6:19 am

Nice work!!! Wink

So Many Rift Lakes Cichlids... So Little Tank Space...

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Air System Upgrade Empty Re: Air System Upgrade

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