Filters, Lights, Sumps... FISH STUFF GALORE! Chicago Burbs

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Filters, Lights, Sumps...  FISH STUFF GALORE!  Chicago Burbs Empty Filters, Lights, Sumps... FISH STUFF GALORE! Chicago Burbs

Post by addicted2cichlid on Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:08 am

located in Naperville Il, 30 miles west of Chicago.

ALL PURCHASES WILL INCLUDE FREE CARBON! HOORAY, i don't care what u buy, u have to take some carbon, in fact by reading this u have agreed to take some carbon... too much carbon.... ahhhhhhhhhh

i have the following for sale:

all items run/operate as they should. except for the assorted aqua clear powerheads, they work, but are old!

2x Fluval 305 canister filters, each were on a freshwater 55 gal for 5 months. 80$ each (each include brand new fluval BIO-MAX in top shelf, and sponges)
4x Emporer 400's HOB filters, 30$ each (each filter includes 2 gray media baskets and i'll even throw in 2 rite size D cartidges)
Fluval 205 canister filter, used 3 months on 33 gallon reef. $60 (includes new BIO-MAX media)

2x Pro Clear Aquatics Sumps Model 75, asking $85 for each, includes drain tubing (vaccumm tubing) and bioballs if needed.

30" Aquatic life T5 high output dual bulb fixture (2ft bulbs). Used 3 weeks. includes 10k & 420/460 actinic, individually contoured reflector. $75
48" Coralife T5 (standard output) dual bulb fixture. includes 6700k plant bulb and rosate color bulb. $30
3x 30" T8 fixtures (2 black, 1 oak trim), all three fit 24" T8 bulbs. 10$/each
Coralife Mini Aqualight, includes 2x 9w bulbs (actinic and 10k). $25

Protein Skimmer:
Aquatic life internal mini skimmer 115: 30$

about a dozen assorted aquaclear powerheads, from ac30's to ac50's: 5$ each
BRAND NEW Aqua Clear 70 powerhead: $40
Koralia 4, used for 5 minutes, 40$

Marineland rite size "C" cartidges, i have more than ur local retailer: make offer
Assorted Carbon (holy cracole)- FREE
Assorted Bio media- make offer
Fluval Pre-Filter- 5$

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